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Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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Nursery Frog #2 (Sphenophryne Robusta) Photo: C & D Frith    
Australian Tropical
Reptiles & Frogs
Nursery Frog #2 (Sphenophryne robusta)
    • Like all known Australian Microhylid frogs, this species has quite an unusual way of breeding. Eggs are infact laid outside the water medium, on the moist rainforest floor vegetation. Hence this frog has no free-swimming tadpole stage in its growth cycle, but the eggs actually hatch into tiny froglets.


  • Inhabits rainforest environments.
  • Only to be found over the small area between Tinaroo Dam on the Atherton Tableland and Paluma on the Seaview Range north of Townsville.


  • Twenty-five millimetres in length.

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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