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Red Legged PademelonRed Legged Pademelon: Thylogale stigmatica

        • They are marsupial rainforest kangaroos.
        • Fur is soft and thick, grey brown on the back and cream on the underside.
        • The cheeks, forearms, outside and inside of hind legs are a rufous brown colour
          Their tail is short and thick.
        • They are active from late afternoon, throughout the night until the early morning, then goes to its resting place where it remains for the day.
        • When the animal is resting, it sits on the base of its tail whilst placing the rest of it between its hind legs.  As it falls asleep, its head leans back against a rock or sapling or forward to rest on its tail or on the ground beside it.


        • The pademelon feeds mainly on fallen and fresh leaves, fruit, berries, the bark of trees and Cicadas.

        Social Behaviour:

        • They feed equi-distant apart and are always under the control of one dominant Pademelon that controls their feeding area and sets their feeding distance.
        • They communicate by vocalisations and thumping their heels on the ground.

        Viewing Opportunities:

        • There is a commentary and viewing of Red-legged Pademelons for the guests at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge every evening at 7pm (winter) 7:30pm (summer).
        • Red Legged Pademelons in substantial numbers are easily seen in The Chambers rainforest clearing late afternoon, evening and early morning.

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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