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Lemuroid Possum Photo: C & D Frith    
Australia's Wet Tropics
Rainforest Life
Lemuroid Ringtail Possum: Hemibelideus lumuroides
    • Woolly grey dorsal side, brownish tinge on the shoulders with a yellowish tinge on the underside
    • Tail is bushy, only slightly tapered with a short finger-like, bare tip.
    • It has a short face with a bright yellow eye shine.
    • Leaps onto foliage.
    • Sparse and limited in distribution.
    • Adults of both sexes have a strong musky odour produced by a sticky cream-coloured fluid which is often excreted from the vent when the animal is handled.
  • Invariably arboreal. Lives in the rainforest at about four hundred and fifty metres altitude.
  • Strictly nocturnal, its days are spent in tree hollows.
  • The Lemuroid Ringtail Possum has a leap of two to three metres which is made from one branch tip to another. Legs outstretched, it lands heavily on dense foliage.


  • It is almost exclusively a leaf eater, feeding specifically on the foliage of the families Lauraceae (e.g. Queensland Maple), Elaeocapaceae (e.g Brown Quandong) and Rutaceae (e.g. Bollywood).
  • Flowers of the Brown Bollywood and the fleshy outer covering of the Yellow Walnut.

Social Behaviour:

  • These animals are frequently seen in groups of two or in family groups of three.
  • Up to three individuals may share a den.
  • Feeding aggregations of eight individuals have been recorded.

Viewing Opportunities:

  • The Lemuroid Ringtail Possums tend to stay in rainforests above 900 metres.
  • They can be viewed with spotlights in the the Crater National Park.

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